How to rate GUI-O

The following how-to guide shows how to rate GUI-O application on Google Play Store. Rating is only available for Google Play Store installation (see DOWNLOAD for more information about different installation options).

WHY RATE: Your feedback matters! By rating GUI-O application, you provide valuable insights that help us develop new features and improve existing ones.

NOTE: If you are enlisted in the beta program, the rating is not reflected on Google Play Store. To rate, you need to leave the beta program and reinstall GUI-O application before rating. Please see how to do this below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you uninstall GUI-O application, you will lose all your settings and stored devices. Your PRO version license will remain valid even after reinstalling the application!

How-to rate GUI-O

(If enlisted) Leave GUI-O beta program before rating

Connect . Create . Control

Connect . Create . Control

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