Raspberry Pi

The following example shows how to connect GUI-O application with Raspberry Pi in MQTT (IoT) mode. Secure connection using SSL/TLS is supported.

Raspberry Pi uses its own Linux-based operating system (Raspberry Pi OS), which significantly simplifies some tasks and enables using high-level (interpreted) programming languages such as Python.

Setting up Raspberry Pi OS

This example uses Raspberry Pi 2 board, but any other Raspberry Pi board that has internet capabilities (Wireless, Ethernet) can be used.


Step 1: Write image to microSD card using Raspberry Pi Imager

Raspberry Pi Imager

Step 2: Powering on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi & Arduino & GUI-O basic example

The following example shows basic interaction between GUI-O application and Raspberry Pi in MQTT (IoT) communication mode. Secure connection using SSL/TLS is enabled by default.

Step 1: Connect the components

Connect the components as shown in the schematic below.

Raspberry Pi2 wiring diagram

Step 2: Create tokens for MQTT communication

Step 3: Install required Python modules

$ pip install paho-mqtt

Step 4: Setup and run the Python script

$ python ./RPiMqtt.py

Step 5: Using GUI-O application to interact with Raspberry Pi


Connect . Create . Control

Connect . Create . Control

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