IMPORTANT NOTE: Web installation is no longer receiving updates since version 1.0.57! Please use Google Play installation instead.

GUI-O application offers two installation options: Google Play and Web installation. Please read the information below carefully, before selecting the best option for your project.

Use up to 6 widgets for free without limits in DEMO version.

Google Play installation

It is recommended to install the GUI-O application directly from Google Play. This will ensure that all application updates are delivered and installed automatically (unless user disables auto-updates). Furthermore, the in-app purchase feature can be used to unlock PRO license in a few simple steps. The PRO license is then tied to the Google account and permanently valid, even if the GUI-O application is reinstalled.

Install from Google Play

Web installation

IMPORTANT NOTE: Web installation is no longer receiving updates since version 1.0.57! Please use Google Play installation instead.

Alternatively, use an internet browser on your device (i.e., Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to download GUI-O application from the links below. In this case, the application must be installed manually and user must allow installing from "unknown sources" during the installation procedure. See "Application licensing" section in the manual for various licensing options. The PRO license is tied to a specific device. If you want to transfer the license to another device or uninstall the application, it is recommended to deactivate the license first (navigate to settings menu and select "License manager -> Deactivate license"). Deactivating the license ensures that the license remains valid for future use.

Install 64-bit version (for newer devices)

Install 32-bit version (for older devices)



What's new (version 1.0.74)

What's new (version 1.0.73)

What's new (version 1.0.71)

What's new (version 1.0.67)

What's new (version 1.0.66)

What's new (version 1.0.65)

What's new (version 1.0.64)

What's new (version 1.0.63)

What's new (version 1.0.62)

What's new (version 1.0.61)

What's new (version 1.0.58)

IMPORTANT: Web installation is no longer receiving updates! Please use Google Play installation instead.

What's new (version 1.0.57)

What's new (version 1.0.56)

What's new (version 1.0.55)

What's new (version 1.0.54)

What's new (version 1.0.51)

What's new (version 1.0.49)

What's new (version 1.0.48)

What's new (version 1.0.47)

What's new (version 1.0.46)

What's new (version 1.0.45)

What's new (version 1.0.43)

What's new (version 1.0.42)

What's new (version 1.0.41)

What's new (version 1.0.40)

What's new (version 1.0.39)

What's new (version 1.0.38)

What's new (version 1.0.37)

What's new (version 1.0.36)

What's new (version 1.0.35)

What's new (version 1.0.34)

What's new (version 1.0.32)

What's new (version 1.0.31)

What's new (version 1.0.29)

What's new (version 1.0.28)

What's new (version 1.0.27)

What's new (version 1.0.26)

What's new (version 1.0.25)

What's new (version 1.0.24)

What's new (version 1.0.23)

What's new (version 1.0.22)

What's new (version 1.0.21)

What's new (version 1.0.20)

What's new (version 1.0.19)

What's new (version 1.0.18)

What's new (version 1.0.17)

What's new (version 1.0.16)

What's new (version 1.0.15)

What's new (version 1.0.14)

What's new (version 1.0.13)

What's new (version 1.0.12)

What's new (version 1.0.11)

What's new (version 1.0.10)

What's new (version 1.0.8)

What's new (version 1.0.3)

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