HiveMQ broker

NOTE: The following how-to guide applies only to IoT (MQTT) connection type.

By default, GUI-O application uses a MQTT test broker that is running on our own server. The broker listens on ports 1883 (unencrypted), 8883 (encrypted with client certificates) and 8884 (encrypted). This is perfect for testing and some smaller use cases, but some IoT scenarios require using a broker that gives you finer control over additional settings (e.g., managing credentials for different clients).

There are numerous platforms that offer managed cloud MQTT broker, such as HiveMQ, EMQX, CloudMQTT, etc. This how-to guide focuses on migrating from GUI-O broker to HiveMQ broker using ESP32 board.

Step 1: Setup HiveMQ

Video tutorial of Step 1

Step 2: Setup GUI-O for HiveMQ

Video tutorial of Step 2

Step 3: Setup ESP32 for HiveMQ

NOTE: Do not forget to generate and set the publish and subscribe topics!

Video tutorial of Step 3 (get HiveMQ certificate)

Connect . Create . Control

Connect . Create . Control

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