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Create secure IoT GUI for any device.

Use our free IoT cloud, integrate with a third-party provider or even deploy your own.

Initialize GUI with ASCII text based commands

Initialize GUI with ASCII text based commands

Control devices via Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet or USB

Control devices via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB

Quickly create a professional user interface for your device

High-end GUI with lowest possible costs

Requires no Android programming knowledge.

Create and control your GUI using a simple protocol and any microcontroller.

One Android application, endless user interface possibilities.

Wide selection of widgets

Interact with hardware




GUI-O reduces communication complexity!

GUI-O application uses the same principle of communication, regardless of the selected connection type. It is important to understand that there is no additional complexity when switching between Bluetooth, MQTT, USB or TCP/IP. In all cases, GUI-O always uses the same protocol and establishes only two communication channels; input (receive) and output (transmit) channels.

Why choose GUI-O for your project?

Nowadays, a responsive and attractive graphical user interface (GUI) is a must-have for any device that requires user interaction. GUI development can be time consuming, costly and error prone,  especially without any prior experience. 

GUI-O application is designed to breach this gap by implementing a simple ASCII protocol to create various widgets and communicate with the built-in hardware of an Android device. The application is compatible with any microcontroller device or other devices that support Bluetooth, USB or internet connectivity (i.e., WiFi). This enables seamless integration into any project at any stage, boosting the productivity without any Android programming knowledge. Furthermore, the GUI-O application offers out-of-the-box IoT functionality (using MQTT messaging protocol), which enables secure control of multiple devices from anywhere at anytime.

Designing and programming high-end graphical user interfaces can sometimes be overwhelming, but the GUI-O application can significantly reduce the complexity due to its ease of use and unmatched flexibility, while still keeping the costs at the lowest possible level.

Connect . Create user interface . Control any device .

Connect . Create . Control

Connect . Create . Control

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