What is GUI-O?
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One application. Endless possibilities.

Use a smart phone or a tablet to create a custom GUI - no additional hardware required!

Control your device from anywhere via a secure connection.

Initialize GUI with simple and short commands

Initialize GUI with ASCII text based commands

Control any device via Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet or USB

Control devices via Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet or USB

Quickly create a professional user interface for your device

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Wide selection of widgets

  • Toggle

  • Slider

  • Dial

  • Chart

  • Button

  • Knob

  • Label

  • Joystick

  • Image

  • Video

  • Barcode reader

  • Image stream

  • and many more...


  • Simple ASCII text based commands

  • Use over 30 customizable widgets

  • Import images and videos from online resources

  • Navigate between multiple screens

  • Interact with Android hardware

  • Compatible with Raspberry, Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266, HC (HM) modules and numerous other devices

  • Secure IoT connection with encrypted communication

  • Stream live image over IoT connection

  • Quickly switch between devices using quick-connect


  • Use up to 6 widgets simultaneously (without limits)

  • Read real-time clock and get GPS data

  • No IoT push notifications


  • No limits

  • Unlock PRO version with Google Play in-app purchase (under Settings -> Unlock Pro)

  • Contact us if you are using GUI-O web version

Please contact us to optionally brand the application with your own name, icon and logo.

Connect . Create . Control

Connect . Create . Control